The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.  On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.   (2 Cor 10:4)

This Cemetery was erected at De Pauw University in Indiana with 3 Foot Crosses

Whether you wish to march in the Washington D.C. March For Life, participate in the National Life Chainbuild a Cemetery of The Innocents, or attend a State Capitol event, these "Little White Crosses" will speak louder than words while declaring the humanity of our persecuted and martyred little sisters and brothers.  When we see a "Little White Cross" on the side of a road no one has to tell us what happened; we immediately know that some person was killed or died there. These "Little White Crosses" will likewise give voice to the humanity of the aborted children of our shameful generation.

We can supply materials for either 2 foot or 3 foot Crosses. The 2 foot package will contain the 24" inch yard sticks along with the 12" inch yard stick crossbars. The 3 foot package will contain the 36" inch yard sticks along with the 18" inch yard stick crossbars. You can use elastic hair ties to quickly assemble your Crosses upon arrival at an event. Once the event is completed, you can easily disassemble your Crosses for friendly travel or storage purposes.

This Cemetery was erected at St. Anthony The Abbott Church in  Brookville Florida with 2 Foot White Crosses


Here Are Some Helpful "Cross" Resources:

View A "Hair Tie" Temporary Assembly   ( please wait for it to load)

View Cemetery "LAYOUT" Measurement

View "Permanent" Assembly for 2 Foot White Cross

View "Permanent" Assembly for 3 Foot White Cross

We can supply 2 Foot Crosses at our raw material cost of about $0.60 each plus UPS Ground shipping, or 3 Foot Crosses for about $0.85 each plus U.P.S. ground shipping. Each 100 Yard Sticks weighs about 10 Lbs.. Pink or Blue or other colors are also available at the same cost.  Get a freight "Estimate" here

Many Churches erect Cemeteries of White Crosses during January of each year. They usually erect a Cross for each child killed daily in their state. Here are the latest official statistics of children murdered through abortion (chemical not included) in each of the U.S. states.  Abortion Statistics

Orders normally ship within 2 days and will arrive within 3 business days. Shipments to Canada or anywhere outside of the 48 continuous United States may incur additional shipping charges.  Feel free to call us with your questions or concerns at 906-428-6363 (Central Time Zone). We have been supplying Churches at our raw material cost for well over 20 years. You may email us at
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